myBESTscooter – Xiaomi M365 Lock Serrure renforcée à Direction de Volant de deuxième Monte et Le Verrouillage doté de la charnière


(as of 02/08/2019 at 18:02 UTC)

UGS : B07N8GNYP4 Catégorie :


Reinforced Lock For Xiaomi M365 with pin. Comes in multiple colours. Please make sure you have the right tools to change the lock and to follow the instructions below. You are going to need 4mm punch tool, heavy hammer (800g and above), some lubricant, oil or WD40. Instructions: – Unscrew the old lock, keep the screw safe as you are going to use the same one for the replacement part. – To punch out the pin you need to make sure you do it from the correct side. Make sure you do it from LEFT to RIGHT (when looking from the front of the scooter, not from the steering wheel side). Lay down the scooter, put something solid under the folding mechanism. Make sure to watch out for cables! Move them away before each punch otherwise you are going to break them. – Apply some lubricant, oil or WD40 to the pin and leave it for a while. Some customers prefer to use hot air gun instead to slightly heat the pin. – Apply 4mm punch tool and hit it hard multiple times. Once again, watch out for cables. This process can be quite difficult, we personally spent 15 minutes to punch it out while others manage to do it within minutes. – Take a new lock and use the same screw to put it back on. – Turn the scooter upside down as the pin has to be inserted from the other side (RIGHT TO LEFT when looking from the front of the scooter) – Make sure to follow the arrow on the pin. Put the pin inside and then apply the punch tool once again. It should go in quite easily. Punch it until its aligned from both sides. – Readjust your shaft lock/bolt to make sure the new lock folds in well. Do not over tighten it, but do not make it too loose either (just enough resistance in it and there is no play in the stem/hinge). Please note: instead of punching the whole pin out some community members prefer to just cut the metal pin from both sides of the lock.


  • ✅ Voyagez en sécurité en améliorant notre serrure renforcée de deuxième monte ✅
  • ✅ Expédition rapide, en stock au Royaume-Uni ✅
  • ✅ Haute qualité d’aluminium et l’axe en acier inoxydable ✅

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